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Deer creek 🦌

Deer creek I made you overalls and it broke my heart. not selling them there seems like every time you brake my heart. Show up go hard for you and broken after and I mean my pockets too Lol 😂 the only show you have to make it there before 10am to get a good spot!!!! DEER CREEK how did it get this way!!!! Who is that Ruoff guy anyways??? On with lifeee Soo I have some very special people in my life who was all there the day the gates came down…. No this wasn’t a day of entitled Festival goers…. This was a day of a family saying no more to the treatment that local law-enforcement and security has been putting upon our brothers and sisters! Back then a lot more of us traveled together it was way to common for not all of us to make it to the next show because of stop and frisk Applied to the dead heads too. I have been told about this day over and over again from my elders who were there that day who held the line. Before it took the fence/gates. It was a case of police brutality which has became custom to our people. A girl and her dog were waiting for a friend by the gates. It was a no dog zone at the time. They weren’t causing any trouble just sitting there listening to music some dead heads who didn’t go in the show were hanging in the area. They watched a police man harass and even hit/manhandle her and the dog. It was something that rubbed the brothers the wrong way and that started the line. They All say the same thing it was something in the air a feeling of no more we aren’t going to take your treatment. Deer creek has kept it name in our family for about 3 generations a story will be told by mouth about what really happened that day 🙏 oh and those over alls that broke my heart they are with the first man who stood up that day 🙏 we all have happy endings some things take time

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