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We are planting our roots not saying goodbye to the road just going to experience it in a new way 🌳

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

What a store front? This tour festival queen is putting the hustle on the road down? Some thought this never would happen. Hell I didn’t see it coming. The road has been kind to me but this year is the 7th unloading, and reloading my vehicle. Well I definitely can tell the difference In my body. so yes you will still see me at the shows just in a different way. I hope you all will join me on my local adventures just as you did on the road and grow with me in a new way in a new space 117 West Main St., Mentone, IN. March 1st we will be open to the public and on the 11th we will be hosting a grand opening party we hope you join us. It's a $5 cover charge for the catered food. check out the events for more information.

ps we have 4 customs that are being made super excited to show y’all

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