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Not all locations are confirmed this is a example

Updated: Apr 28

The Thrifty B, you're going to hear it a lot coming up, with store front prices at an all time high we have to get creative to make it in this world of business. The Bus is the first step to taking the situation under my own control. The next step would be to hopefully buy a house or building in downtown Warsaw, but first there is this thing called the build up. You gotta build up your nest egg. You gotta build up the clientele. You gotta build up the mind. Soo welcome to this weird but interesting transition Brain Washed 70's is in. We hope the bus is enjoyed by all and even after we get the permenant location going it will still run the bus stops. Our goal as a company and artist is to provide awesome quality work and at the convenience of being close to ya.

If you would like to be added to The Thrifty B's Bus Stop Locations we do require some things. Space for a full sized bus, a bathroom available, and open for at least 3 hours in the evening. It is preferred a privately owned, or nonprofit business or venue. It would be nice if it is a place that serves food or close by one that does. We come with our own power but if a plug in is available to help save gas, great! We have shop insurance and are willing to provide any documentation needed. You can contact me via message on the bottom of any web page on this website.

That's all for now folks, check our social medias for updates on up coming events and bus activities. This is all exciting and new waters. We hope to see ya out at one of our bus stops!

Peace, love, and punk rock! -Zoie Bella

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