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This September coming to Down town WarCity The Fancy Tramp Vintage Flea!!!!!

The 13th-15th the Flea is moving to The Good Living Market 216 S Columbia St Warsaw Indiana. Some may ask why we moved… well, well, we will tell ya below!

The Good living Market is granting us way more time for set up and tear down, along with full control of the lumber yard. BW70’s crew is also helping GLM update the lumber yard to handle our Big event. This space will benefit our community way past Fancy Tramp. The lumber yard will be open for events and artists coming 2025. We can’t do this all alone! Ooohh no. We need you, the people of northern Indiana, to attend our event to fund this opportunity in Downtown Warsaw. This year we are bringing bigger headliners -to be announced- so ticket prices will increase closer to the event. Don’t wait till the last minute! We also will be having next level art installations that will have you questioning if you’re in a small Indiana town all weekend. As you walk into the clowns mouth to his belly, a universe never seen before created just for you. Some will recall a spark of nostalgia after the weekend has past. If you joined us last year, this year isn’t the same. We have challenged ourself -BW70’s- to conduct a show like no other. So please open your minds, and the ticket link, for more information of what the 2nd weekend of September holds for WarCity.

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